Who We Are....

Total Car Removals is one of Sydney’s largest car removal companies.

At Total Car Removals, we are a company that is not only concerned with our customer experience and satisfaction, we are concerned with the environment. Our philosophy is we are not just an auto trader here in town. We are part of a community and as a member of the community we strive to achieve the best for each within the community. We have 15 years combined experience.

We offer up to $10K on all Car Removals we perform. Because of our concern for our community and environment, we are an eco-friendly company that practices green standards in our vehicle disposals. When we perform a car removal, we recycle, reuse and resell the vehicle to ensure we avoid dangerous landfills and leave the least impact on the environment.

We accept all makes and models of vehicles, in any condition, operational or non operational; and, of any age. Whether you have an old car you want removed from your yard, or a wrecked truck or van, or a boat with holes in the bottom and engine torn out, we will come to your location and haul your vehicle away for free, and put cash in your pocket before we leave.

There’s no vehicle that we won’t come pick up without paying cash to the customer for its removal. Not even a rusted out vehicle with no doors or engine as every vehicle has worth at Total Car Removals.

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